Sierre de Aralar

Yesterday we left wonderful Porto and went in one go to Lecumberri – 780km … Lecumberri is a small village in the Basque country . If you ever go there, make sure you stay at the Hostal Ayestaran, a very old hotel where Hemmingway used to stay on its way through Navarra. We stayed at the local campsite which was really nice. In the evening we’ve met old friends who took us to Pamplona for some very nice pintxos. We got up quite early in the morning and went up to the San Miguel de Aralar – a very magic place for me. From there you have a fantastic view of the Sierre de Aralar, I’ve been there 3-4 times but never had the right equipment with me – this time, I was prepared 🙂 The vulture is a little extra …

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