Sierre de Aralar

Yesterday we left wonderful Porto and went in one go to Lecumberri – 780km … Lecumberri is a small village in the Basque country . If you ever go there, make sure you stay at the Hostal Ayestaran, a very old hotel where Hemmingway used to stay on its way through Navarra. We stayed at the local campsite which was really nice. In the evening we’ve met old friends who took us to Pamplona for some very nice pintxos. We got up quite early in the morning and went up to the San Miguel de Aralar – a very magic place for me. From there you have a fantastic view of the Sierre de Aralar, I’ve been there 3-4 times but never had the right equipment with me – this time, I was prepared 🙂 The vulture is a little extra …

Tram 28 …

Of course we walked the streets of Alfama. But Lisbon is a place full of tourists (you know the difference between a traveller and a tourist?) so I had to find a way to take a photo of the famous tram 28 without the people in it … I think I did quite well … Love this shot. This time – Fuji Xpro2 …

If you are a photographer and want a guide in Lisbon, contact Miguel, he knows all the places – highly recommended!

Alentejo cliff

Today we left our campsite at Sagres and we’ve tried to find another place at the Algarve. The Algarve is, most of you probably know that, a wonderful coast line in Portugal. Unfortunately it is full of tourists. We found a nice spot for breakfast at the beach but when we reached the next village saying “0,90€ for a pint” on a big sign all over the place, I thought it was better to leave. So we “returned” to the Aljentejo coast which isn´t less beautiful but has a lot less tourists. During our evening walk I dicovered this view from the cliff near our village. It is fascinating to see what the ocean has done to the rocks.


Yesterday we drove from Lisbon to Sagres. We`ve tried to find some nice spots at the Alentejo coast but because it was Sunday and everybody went to the beach as well, we were not really sucessful … On the way we stopped at Sado River fishing port in Carrasqueira. The landing stages were installed around 1950 and this is how they look 🙂 Finally we arrived at Sagres were we found a nice spot for our monile home.

Happy skulls Lisbon

I haven’t made up my mind about Lisbon so far. It’s also called the city on the seven hills … this is something you have to love in 32°C … For sure there is some fantastic streetart in the area around the LX market. I highly recommend to go there when you are in Lisbon. It is a very young and lively place. Alfama is very touristy so this wasn’t for me … 🙂


Today we explored Porto. I´m always in search for some street art and we found this spot behind the main station. I like this composition, again, straight out of the cam, no editing, black&white inside the 645Z. Porto is an interesting city and we found this place INTRIGO were we had a fantastic dinner.

Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

Unleashed the beast – the power of medium format. Straight out of the cam. This was the third time I´ve been to Bilbao, never went to any other place than the museo Guggenheim. Next time I come here, I`ll stay over night – promise. I´ll think it is a very interesting city and I really would like to spend more time here.

All photos are available as a fine art print (variuos Hahnemühle papers) up to A1 size …