Salin de Giraud

Lazy days in the Camarque so far 🙂
But yesterday we went to Salin de Giraud, which looked more like a lost town or a ghost town.
At the end of the town we had to turn our car and we saw a sign on a tree saying “DANGER VIPERS” … so we didn´t left the car at Salin de Giraud 🙂 and drove straight to the salines which change they colour with different light.

Ardeche – Pont d’Arc

Last night we arrived in Lyon which is a very nice city. Today we left Lyon and went to Nimes. We took the country road to Pont d’Arc. It´s a faszinating place, a natural stone bridge crossing the river Ardeche. It happened during the Messinian salinity crisis. When we arrived, it was pouring with rain and we had to wait under an old tree until the heavy rain was over. The good thing at this time of the year – nearly no people and a clear view. A little tekkie talk … I took this shot with my new Voigtländer 15mm 4.5 on my A7R III. Perfect combination – I love it! This shot is straight of the cam, no editing.